A downloadable game for Windows

Ominous is a 2D Puzzle game about a little alien who needs to be as quiet as possible in order to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

It´s your job to make sure she gets through the night, hopefully to somewhere safe.

What do we got?

  • Hunger System
  • Onomatopeias 
  • Handdrawn black & white artstyle
  • A girl who can´t make any noise.
  • Some buggy mechanics
  • Puzzles
  • Checkpoint System

What lies in our future game?

  • Hopefully no bugs
  • Enemy animations
  • Cool jump scares (jk...)
  • A butterfly.
  • Collectibles!
  • Working UI


E - Interact

WASD - Move

SPACE - Jump

Disclaimer: This is an early version. You will probably find some bugs.


Game Designer:  Rafael Marques

Game Programmer: Jonathan Pereira

Game Artist: Sara C. Godinho

If you would like to help us out please consider filling out this form: https://forms.gle/7yCbG8Ytd9pKXmJD9

Thank you!

Install instructions

Extract rar file & open "Ominous" to play 


Ominous v.0.3 [Alpha Version].rar 48 MB

Development log


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Hello, I played this game and it was very fun! I loved the look and gameplay of it I'd love to see more of it sadly the demo was too short, Good work! :)

Hello Stella!
Thank you so much, we are so glad that you enjoyed our game and made a walkthrough video of it.
We loved watching it and were rooting that you would make it on time!

In the meantime we will keep updating the game fixing bugs and adding content, such as puzzles and more areas to explore. 
Until next time! (:

Im glad you enjoyed my walkhthrough video and Im looking forward to more of this game